Gyan Jyoti Updates

  • New Tutorial Centers

    A Tutorial center for studies of the scholarship girls was opened in Bharat Nagar. Both the teachers of the center are ex-scholarship holders of Gyan Jyoti Parivar. They are studying in higher classes. Concept of 'Earn while you learn'. One more center shall be opened soon but the process has been postponed due to Corona. Gyan Jyoti also started e-learning classes but soon all schools started Whatapp distant learning classes so we stopped to avoid duplication and extra burden on the students.

  • Extended Operational Area

    Gyan Jyoti has extended its area of operation. Adjoining village school of Panipat --Govt Higher Sec. School, Nizampur has been included in our list besides two schools of Suadapur village who have joined Gyan Jyoti Parivar last year.

Social Responsibility

  • Gyan Jyoti goes for Charity

    Year 2020 will go down in history of the World as Dreaded Corona year. Migrant poor labor in general and families of our scholarship girls in particular were most affected by way of losing their bread butter due to lock down. Starvation due to food shortage forced them run to their native places unmindful of lockdown. Gyan Jyoti immediately started the campaign to distribute ration packets with the help of our volunteer force. Our sponsors and public at large generously contributed and Gyan Jyoti distributed 963nos. ration packets to the needy. Our Cornoa Warriors were our Swaemsevikas of different areas who worked hard during lock down to identify the genuine beneficiaries. And later they distributed ration packets maintaining social distances at great risk to their life.

  • Playground for Children

    Our Gyan Jyoti Center at Bharat Nagar, Kabri Industrial Estate is very active and operates under a shed. Adjacent to the shed, there was large unclaimed area with dirty pool of stagnant water. It was a source of seepage and happy breeding ground of mosquitos. Gyan Jyoti Parivar took the initiative to land fill the land with ash and soil. Whole area has been levelled and has become playground for our students. It has saved students from regular malaria infection. Happiness of the local residents is to be seen to believe.

  • Sanitary Pad Vending Machine

    Govt Girls Higher Sec.School, Nizampur, Panipat was visited by Gyan Jyoti Parivar to meet the students. Principal of the school requested us to get installed sanitary napkins vending machine for the girls which goes a long way for help in personal hygiene of the girls. Gyan Jyoti Parivar approached a social organization, Samarpan Mahilla Samiti and got the system installed.